Ultimate Surf and mobility workshops

The Art of Longevity

Move well, move and surf stronger​

Designed for surfers and non-surfers the surf mobility and Art of Longevity workshops will take you through a journey of breath and flow and will show you how to build a solid foundation for longevity.

During these workshops, you will have the opportunity to experience and engage with Surfing legend and 2x World Surfing Champion, Thomas Carroll. As well as the Holistic Coach Rodrigo Perez founder of the Surf Movement method and Holistic Pro Health who will ensure you are maximising your mind, body and potential. 


Trusted By the Pro's

I’ve been doing some awesome work with Rodrigo which is focused on performance and has been helping me a lot to understand about myself and helping me to improve my performance.

– Thalison Soares Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt World Champion 

Rodrigo’s training has improved my breathing, flexibility and core strength. He hasn’t just helped improve my overall surfing performance but also my mental strength and clarity. With these two things combined it has helped me hit my goals. 

– Jack Robinson WSL Pro Surfer

Through taking Rodrigo’s training, I have been able to reach my optimum performance in my surfing. My movement is a lot more fluid and I have definitely increased my mobility. 

– Matthew McGillivray WSL Pro Surfer

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Be Mobile and Keep Frothing

Surf Mobility Workshop

The Be Mobile and Keep Frothing for Life Workshop, provides specific mobility performance for surfers looking to

  • CATCH MORE WAVES: Build the mobility and strength to get back in the line-up, pop up with greater ease and ride more waves.
  • RIDE BIGGER, BETTER WAVES: Stop bailing on waves due to fear of injury or lack of power to catch them. With improved strength and mobility you won’t be left on the lip.
  • LIMIT YOUR CHANCE OF INJURYReduce recovery time following longer sessions in the water and limit your chances of be left sitting on the beach.
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The Art of Longevity

Flow and Breath Workshop

The 3-hour workshop has been designed for both surfers and non-surfers. This workshop will take you through a journey of breath and flow and will show you how to build a solid foundation for longevity.

  • Understand Key Movement Concepts: Improve movement, breathing, core activation and flow to address the roots causes of pains, poor alignment and performance.
  • Learn meditation and breath practices: Learn Vedic traditions as well as simple fundamentals which can be implemented into your daily practice.

Rodrigo Perez

Rod has helped and trained many surfers from pro tour athletes and groms through to the everyday athlete as well as non surfers. His Holistica movement method and surf movement has helped many of his athletes improve the way they move, become aware of their body, improve nutrition, their training and ultimately become more durable and achieve optimal longevity.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and over the last 2 decades I have been broadening and deepening my knowledge and experience to help clients achieve their health and performance goals.

I work with multiple modalities to achieve better breathing and mind focusing techniques, as well as better mobility and precision of moment for my amateur and professional clients. My classes, programs, seminars and consultations are professional, challenging, and yet playful, to best prepare clients to be the protagonists of their own wellbeing and achievements. I travel to many countries in order to teach amateurs atheltes, children, adults and elite surfing champions from Australia, Brazil, Chile, USA, Europe, South Africa and Japan.


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Thomas Carroll

Tom is a former professional surfer and has practiced daily meditation for over a decade. During the workshop he will be teaching you the Vedic traditions as well as  simple fundamentals which  can be implemented into your daily practice.

“Meditation synchronises us with nature and with our innate intelligence. It guides us and helps us show up and enjoy life in a much greater way. I am stoked to be able to share this with you” 

“I think connecting with the breath is probably the biggest thing for me. Being aware of my breath and doing a number of breaths very, very consciously brings me further into my body, and that’s where I need to be.” 

The daily practice of meditation helps anyone be present in what they’re doing, it’s where our body, mind and attention is really placed upon the most important thing – the “right now.

Bundle the workshops and save

USE CODE 'URBN15' to get 15% off

Surf Mobility Workshop

10am - 12pm - December 3rd $135
  • Access to Surf Mobility workshop

The Art Of Longevity

4pm to 7pm - December 3rd $210
  • Access to Flow and Breath Workshop

Surf Mobility Bundle

  • Access to The Art of Longevity Workshop
  • Access to Surf Mobility Workshop

🔴 Please note that all ticket prices do not include wave pool access. This will need to be arranged separately 🔴

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Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Should I bring?
    Please bring a bottle of water, a towel and comfortable clothes to move, breath and meditate.
  • Do we get free access to the wave pool?
    Ticket prices do not include wave pool access. This will need to be arranged separately here https://secure.urbnsurf.com/
  • Who are these workshops for?
    Both of these workshops have been designed for both surfers and non-surfers. Really anyone looking to learn more about improving the longevity of their mind and body.
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  • Location URBNSURF Melbourne, 309 Melrose Dr, Melbourne Airport VIC.
  • Upcoming Dates 3rd December, 2022
  • Contact Us studio@holisticph.com
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